Official Community Policy


Effective Date: [31/12/2019]

Welcome to the ScarFall - The Royale Combat, Survivors! XSQUADS is committed to providing an inclusive, welcoming, respectful space for ALL Survivors so please read below before dropping into any of our official community and social channels. Note that this information is supplemental to our in-game Rules of Conduct, so please view that for more details.

ALWAYS ENGAGE IN: • Being a Good Squadmate: Simply put, be a good sport! The golden rule is to treat others as you would want to be treated and we believe in that. We’re a large community with different levels of experiences, so treat everyone with respect and be courteous to others. • Respecting Your Fellow Survivors: We are stronger together. Our community is made up of a diverse group of Survivors coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, so discuss, debate, and disagree, but always do so appropriately and with respect. • Promoting a Fair Environment: Help keep our community free from cheating and exploits. If you experience or suspect that someone has broken these rules, please report them through the appropriate channels for us to follow-up on. • Staying on Topic: We do our best to maintain a clear structure when it comes to our conversations across our community channels, so it’s very important to stay on topic! • Calling for Back-Up: Our community managers and admins are here to help. They can help relay important feedback to XSQUADS, so use them as a resource. Our community managers receive many different messages daily, so please use the appropriate channels for feedback. More important, please always be nice to them (they’re great) - at the end of the day they are here to help you!

STAY AWAY FROM: • Discrimination: Don’t be a bully. The strength of our community is that we’re a large and diverse group with different backgrounds and experiences. It is unacceptable to disrespect or use offensive words towards others based on their race, gender, nationality, etc. Please be friendly and respectful towards all Survivors. • Toxic Behavior: Similar to the above, be mindful of your words and interactions, and don’t encourage others to join in on any toxic or negative behavior. Personal attacks, discriminatory, racist, sexist, disruptive, and harassing language or interactions of any kind will not be tolerated. This also includes using inappropriate nicknames on our channels and disruptive activities such as spamming. • Promoting an Unfair Environment: Both in our community and in-game, cheating has no place in the Battlegrounds. We have a zero-tolerance policy around this that includes engaging in, encouraging, explaining, and promoting cheating. • Sharing Illegal Content: Help make our Battlegrounds a safe space! If it is illegal in real life, it is off limits in our community. This includes distribution and advertisement of illegal software, instructions on how to use illegal software, or files and links to illegal software. This also includes any forms of fraud and misrepresentation, so please don’t pretend to be a representative of the company or act on behalf of XSQUADS. • Spoiling Information: We’re just as excited as you to reveal new information, but data-mined content is prohibited on any of our channels as it can spoil future updates for players with incomplete or out-of-context information.

VIOLATIONS : To maintain a healthy community culture, we may delete posts or comments that are deemed unacceptable without prior notice. We may also restrict access to official communities depending on the severity of the infraction. Finally, if you suspect or see behavior that violates a social or community platform’s terms of services or policy, please leverage that platform’s unique reporting process.