ScarFall New Update V1.6.77 ICELAND 2.0

Map :
Today we are excited to announce the long awaited ICELAND 2.0 map update in ScarFall, New map measures approx 1.5KMx2KM consisting strategic locations and terrain. Explore the high loot area and grab the supplies first to defeat your enemies in the new chilling battleground.
Vehicles :
Modern vehicles like Hovercraft and Snowmobile are there to defeat the zone OR plan a strategic attack on opponent teams.
Graphics :
ICELAND 2.0 gives a realistic battleground experience with auto adjusting quality settings, You can set your preferred setting in the lobby before the game starts. Realtime graphic quality options are removed for now for better performance.
Mayhem 2.0 :
This map is removed for now and will be redesigned with better graphics and a complete new avatar.
1.6.77 :
  1. New Iceland 2.0 map
  2. Graphics improved
  3. Bug fixes and performance improvements