ScarFall New Update V 1.6.74 : Pursuit of Survival

Pursuit of Survival : Update V 1.6.74
Monthly Missions :
Missions are here to challenge your skills, Complete tasks in different categories and win outstandig outfits and rewards. Below are different mission categories..
- The Scar Master
Play no. of matches in particular mode.
- The Survivor
Complete the cumulative play time in any mode.
- Vandalizer
Deal damage in different modes.
- Guns & Guts
Kill no. of enemies with specific gun in any mode.
- SharpShooter
Show some sniping skills and kill no. of enemies with headshot in any mode.
- Assasinator
Most challenging of all, Kill a no. of enemies in a single match in specific mode.
- Super Duper Rock n Roll
Win matches in particular mode.
Better Animations :
Character animations are now smooth which gives a fast paced gameplay experience. Enjoy the nonstop action on battlegrounds.
Walkthrough :
Playing ScarFall for the first time? We've got your back, the walkthrough feature in this update will help you master the basic skills and get your hands on the controls.